Cathie Inu wants you on the moon

Cathie Inu


Cathie Inu is more than just a meme token. It's a meme token that follows the example of The Great Cathie. Smart, alluring, and execution-focused. She is the Dogemother, buyer of dips, hyper of hypes. Indeed, she is all-seeing, all-knowing and a great friend and ally to the Elon.

With The Great Cathie as our example, we have created a token that will be central to many great things in the Cathie Inu ecosystem. Cathie Inu will bring great benefits to its holders, and will eventually allow them to govern themselves to glory. See the Benefits of holding the token, as well as our Roadmap below. We're charting a path to the moon!

Holder Benefits

Holders of the $CATHIEINU token will be able to gain access to a wide variety of attractive incentives as they are launched:

Investing Newsletter
Cathie DAO Participation
Yield Farms
Early access to Cathie NFTs
Investment Fund Manager MMORPG


  • 1 Quadrillion Tokens
  • 25% Liquidity Provider (Locked)
  • 7% Team (6 month lockup)
  • 8% Community Treasury
  • 10% Marketing
  • 50% Burned
Cathie Inu token

Cathie DAO

The Cathie DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization of Cathie Inu token holders. Cathie DAO will be initially funded by proceeds from the Community Treasury. Holders will be able to stake their tokens, granting them the ability to create proposals and vote on them.

In addition to Cathie DAO, there will also be a governance staking incentive yield program, allowing holders who stake their $CATHIEINU tokens to receive yield on those tokens.


Fair Launch

  • $CATHIEINU ERC20 token liquidity provided on Uniswap


  • 50% of total supply burned


  • Onboard influencers
  • Community contribution, promotion contests, giveaways

CoinGecko Listing

  • Apply for listing of token
  • Pending approval

CoinMarketCap Listing

  • Apply for listing of token
  • Pending approval

Additional Rewards

  • Utilize Community Treasury funds to provide additional rewards for first 1000 holders of $CATHIEINU
  • Meme prize pool

Increase Marketing

  • Double marketing spend
  • Increase outreach and onboarding efforts

Monthly Newsletter

  • $CATHIEINU holders get access to a premium monthly crypto newsletter created by top crypto analysts
  • Includes content to help investors navigate the space and find hidden gems before they take off

Cathie DAO

  • Creation of the Cathie DAO, allowing community members to govern
  • Portion of Community Treasury moved to Cathie DAO as seed funding for the DAO
  • Holders will be able to stake their $CATHIEINU tokens to get more voting power in the DAO

Cathie DAO Governance Staking

  • Allow users to get yield on their $CATHIEINU tokens by staking them
  • Holders will get votes based on number of staked tokens

Cathie Inu Yield Farms

  • Launch yield farms to allow holders to collect yield on their assets

Cathie Inu NFTs

  • Launch of the Cathie Inu NFT collection
  • Holders of $CATHIEINU get early access and other perks!

Cathie Inu Investment Fund MMORPG

  • Create your own fund, acquire companies, make seed investments, and battle other fund managers to create the biggest, baddest fund out there!
  • $CATHIEINU will be the native game token, allowing you to buy companies, make key hires, and sabotage other organizations!
  • Top holders of $CATHIEINU get early access and other perks!